Mockmill Pro 200

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Mockmill Pro 200
Mockmill Pro 200
Mockmill Pro 200
Mockmill Pro 200
Mockmill Pro 200
Mockmill Pro 200

One of the newest grain mills in our range is the Mockmill Pro 200. This mill is our most technically advanced mill among the large household mills.  

The special thing about the Mockmill pro 200 is that it can "run for hours without the motor or the stones overheating", which is due to the special motor and the special stones.
This way we can supply the whole family and friends with fresh flour. But if you have a small restaurant or even a pastry shop, the mill, whose name means "professional", is also ideal for producing the flour you need.
Previous users sum up their experience with the Mockmill pro 200 as follows: "It's a real pleasure to work with because it's so easy to use, amazingly quiet, produces particularly fine flour and can run for hours."
And on top of that, it's extremely beautiful.

corundum ceramics
309 800 Ft 

Az áthúzott ár az árcsökkentés alkalmazását megelőző 30 nap legalacsonyabb eladási ára.

289 500 Ft
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The fineness of the flour, i.e. the particle size, can be adjusted from very fine to very coarse by simply turning the hopper, without any gradation. Whether cake, bread, pizza or pancakes, the mill always produces the right fineness of flour for the grain in question. The scale at the bottom of the hopper helps you to set the fineness.
Our flour is 92% fine flour, which means that 92% of the flour has a diameter of less than 0.315 mm. Of course, it is wholemeal flour, the word fine here refers to the grain size.

Why special?
The Mockmill LINO is the result of extensive development work by Wolfgang Mock, who has been involved in mill construction and the development of Hawos, Fidibus and Mockmill mills for forty years. Since 1991, Wolfgang Mock has been working with mill development engineer Thomas Mohr, who, in his opinion, is probably the best mill development engineer in Europe. In the development of the Mockmill, the grinding surface was enlarged and the corundum-ceramic mixture optimised.

The warranty
The mill is a medium-sized household mill because the motor is 360 W, which in practice means that the robust motor is safe to use and the 12-year warranty is a sure thing. And if you want to use it in a restaurant or other business rather than at home, the warranty is still two years.

And if you want to take a look inside, you don't need any tools.
All you have to do is unscrew the hopper. The grinding chamber is lined with food-safe plastic. Cleaning is not necessary as the flour is brushed out of the milling chamber.
On the outside, the oiled surface requires minimal cleaning, just a damp cloth to wipe it down.

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