Kombi Grainmill and Flaker

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Kombi Grainmill and Flaker

A mill and a flaker in one housing. Since grinding requires stones and flaking requires two steel rollers, two separate structures perform the grinding and flaking. The two structures are equipped with two separate hoppers, but are driven by a single crank. This is an excellent solution from the point of view of space saving and price, and the machine is also beautiful and robust. The disadvantage, however, is that during grinding the flaker rotates along and during flaking the mill rotates along. This makes both processes a little more difficult.
All types of grain, except maize, are ground. The fineness of the grist can be adjusted from fine flour to coarse grist with the triangular grinding nut on the front of the machine. In one hour you can produce about 1 kg of flour and 2 kg of flakes.
The mill body is made of solid beech wood treated with natural linseed oil.
To increase the life of the mill, the three gears behind the drive cover need to be lubricated with food-grade grease every six months. The mill is attached to the tabletop or other work surface with two screw clamps.
One of the first products of "Malomgyártó Kft.", completely made in Hungary. The parts and the wood of the combination mill also come exclusively from Hungary.
The mill is free of plastic.

corundum ceramic
126 000 Ft
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