Eschenfelder sprout glass system with 2 glasses and white tray

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Eschenfelder sprout glass system with 2 glasses and white tray

An extremely simple and ingenious method to grow sprouting seeds.
The screw-on lid of the jar consists of a sieve that lets the water through, but not the sprouts. If you turn the jar upside down, excess water can drip off and the sprouts do not dry out in the jar, but they are not soaking in the water either.
However, you first need to soak the seeds, this is necessary for germination to begin.

In both cases, the jars can be placed on the rack. The porcelain tray catches the water that drips out.

The jar has a capacity of 750 ml and the strainer is made of nickel-free stainless steel. The sprout jars can be used for sprouting cereals, sunflower seeds, pulses, radishes and alfalfa.

All parts of the sprouting set are dishwasher safe.

IMPORTANT! Germination jars are not suitable for germinating mucilage-forming seeds such as linseed, mustard seed, chia seed and rocket, as they require a "still bottom". Germination trays are suitable for germinating these seeds.

18 800 Ft
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