The polished serrated edge with very defined scallops ground into the blade by hand and the thin cutting edge ensures exceptional cutting quality. The elegant shape of the slightly cranked blade is reminiscent of the 1920s. Its light weight makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold. This bread knife makes cutting bread a real joy in terms  of aesthetics and function, producing a clean cut and nearly no crumbs.

The 6 mm wide, thinly ground and polished teeth of the serration give a very longlasting cutting ability without becoming dull. This was tested in professional restaurants and hotel kitchens in Germany as Block House, Sheraton and Interconti for example. In comparison to other bread knives with serrated edge it holds the cut at least 4 times longer. This is distinguished advantage of the special polishing for the cutting ability.

Small burrs that may form in the individual teeth during use, are completely normal in this serrated blade and do not impair its high cutting ability.

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