The Mia Mola (my mill), is the new hand mill from Kornkraft. It is fast, beautiful and extremely well built. The price is reasonable and the 10-year warranty speaks for itself.
The special shape of the millstones and the ball-bearing grinder make grinding much easier. The mill can produce 50 grams of fine flour per minute when grinding wheat. If you want to produce coarse flour, you can grind up to 100 grams with the machine. The special shape of the crank and the co-rotating knob on the crank make the work even easier and more comfortable.
The fineness of grind can be adjusted continuously. All types of grain except maize are processed. 350 g of grain fit into the hopper.
It comes with a glass bowl and two screw clamps.


Kornkraft has been making hand mills exclusively for decades. They know everything there is to know about the production of hand mills. Their devices are sophisticated, beautiful and a real ornament for the kitchen. They pay attention to the details: the mill bodies are made of beech wood from local forests. They owe their silky sheen to the AURO beeswax treatment. The mills are made in the Saarland mill workshop.

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