Grain mill attachment for KitchenAid and Elektrolux EKM household appliances.

The grinding mechanism is made of steel, which has the advantage of grinding all cereals (except maize), oilseeds and herbs, i.e. you can grind sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and poppy seeds. The latter, however, is so small that the end result is usually not the same creamy texture we like so much with poppy seeds.

The fineness of the flour as a grind is infinitely variable: you can make very fine flour as well as coarse meal. The mill is easy to install and easy to remove from both KitchenAid food processors and the Electrolux EKM series.

The speed of the grinder is the same as that of a smaller domestic mill.

(Mill manufacturing did not grow out of aircraft manufacturing to meet the demands of the times - that's another Messerschmidt company!)

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