There is nothing tastier than freshly ground poppy seeds - no question about it.

Our poppy seed grinder is special because:

  • it really works, grinding the poppy seeds into a creamy paste, just the way you like it. (You can't achieve that with a coffee grinder).
  • Two-year warranty
  • the grinder is made of hardened cast steel
  • can process not only poppy seeds but also sesame, linseed and sunflower seeds
  • easy to clean
  • a nice feature is the wooden crank handle which, on our initiative, is used by the manufacturer instead of a plastic handle.
  • available in three different colours: red, blue and dark grey
  • there are two versions, depending on how you want to fix it on the table: with a clamping screw or with a vacuum connection and a clamping screw
  • the screw version can be mounted on a tabletop up to 34 mm thick
  • for the poppy seed mill with vacuum connection and clamping screw, the maximum thickness of the tabletop is 45 mm
  • the advantage of the vacuum base is that the poppy seed mill is harder to move during crushing and the table top is less likely to be damaged during crushing

Attention! At the beginning, do not tighten the adjustment screw too much, but only so far that the shaft does not protrude at the back and then carefully readjust. If the poppy seed grinder is tightened too much, the feed screw may stick. 

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