Apium graveolens var. dulce


Medium-late maturing stem celery variety with dark green foliage and medium- high growth. Smooth, green, approx. 25-30 cm long fleshy stalks. Excellent taste. Can be used raw or cooked. Very vigorously growing and high-yielding variety. Not self-bleaching.

Portioning weight: 0.1 g



Sowing: April-May

Distances: 30-35 cm within the row; 30 cm row spacing,

Required quantity of seeds: approx. 1-2 g/are

Planting: in the greenhouse from beginning of April; outdoors from mid-April (first setting under foil/fleece)

Sowing depth: light germinator, only cover slightly with humus


Certified organic product, Demeter product, ReinSaat seeds


About ReinSaat seeds

ReinSaat seeds come from controlled organic farming, which means they are either organicly grown or Demeter certified.


Organic seeds from the Austrian company ReinSaat are seeds of the highest quality. Organic seeds must meet a set of European Union standards to be certified organic. They are, among other things, not genetically modified, not hybrids, and no seed dressing is used. No synthetic pesticides or fertilisers are used during the cultivation.


According to EU and international rules, only products for which the seed is organic can be called organic, as the quality of the seed will determine the quality of the crop grown.

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