Healthy snacks workshop – 06 July 2023

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Healthy snacks workshop – 06 July 2023
Healthy snacks workshop – 06 July 2023
Healthy snacks workshop – 06 July 2023
Healthy snacks workshop – 06 July 2023

Snacking can be healthy as well, as long as what we snack on is healthy. The whole food snacks we prepare are delicious, easy to make, and healthy of course.

The goodies are made from wholemeal flour and organic ingredients. Both salty and sweet snacks will be on the menu.


About Judit

Originally a pharmacist, my interests have shifted to health promotion and through that to nutrition. In Germany, I completed a training course in health counselling, which is about a holistic approach to health promotion, and in this context I learned to think about our health in a different way and to cook in a different way. At the University of Pécs, I completed a Master's degree in Nutrition Studies.


I have been involved in health promotion for 20 years, I have been running cooking classes, lectures, nutrition and prevention counselling and camps. As a science journalist, I have written articles, series and edited radio programmes for many media.


In my cooking classes, the emphasis is on simplicity, health and the gastronomic experience. But beyond that, I also bring an ecological approach to the kitchen. My cooking classes cover all corners of whole food cooking, from bread baking to healthy snacking, raw cuisine, vegan cuisine, gluten-free and hay fever diet.



If you bring your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse or boss or mom or co-worker, both two or three get discount on classes.

If you come with a child, children under 8 can attend the courses for free, only the cost of materials is payable, and under 14 get a 50% discount.

And if you come to the courses by public transport, you can buy off 10% of the course fee in our online shop.


Date and time:
from 9 am to 13 pm
Piliscsaba, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 9.
The course is held by:
Dr. Judit Benda
24 500 Ft
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