Diabetes Prevention Programme

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Diabetes Prevention Programme

Preventing and managing insulin resistance and prediabetes - 10-session online lifestyle change programme


The aim of the programme

Scientific evidence proves that prediabetes and insulin resistance can be stopped and reversed with appropriate lifestyle changes.


The aim of the programme is to provide patients diagnosed with prediabetes or insulin resistance with a prevention programme that will help them make successful lifestyle changes.


What is the programme?


  • The programme is a 10-session lifestyle change programme, the first phase of which involves eight consecutive weeks of online meetings, followed by two further sessions at 2-2 week intervals.

  • The programme is based on two pillars - nutrition and exercise.

  • During the programme, we will learn the theory and practice needed to stop and reverse insulin resistance and prediabetes.

  • The programme will include reading material to be read between the two meetings, as the material will be based on this.

  • During the programme, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and we will discuss what you need to know.


  • During the practical part we will go through the basics of food preparation.


  • During the programme, you will have the opportunity for a personal 20-minute consultation in case you are looking for an answer to something you don't want to share with others.

If you have health problems other than diabetes that you want to address, a full, longer consultation is the right format to discuss them. You can register for both face-to-face consultations via my website here.


The dates of the programme

First session: 6. March 2023.

Monday evenings 17:00-19:30


Application deadline


28. February 2022


Cancellation conditions


Cancellation is possible two weeks before the start of the programme. However, the application is transferable.


About Judit


I am originally a pharmacist. Already at university I was interested in alternatives, herbs and other alternative medicine.


In Germany, I did a training course in health counselling, which is about a holistic approach to health maintenance, and within this framework I learned to think about our health in a different way and to cook in a different way. At the University of Pécs, I completed a Master's degree in Nutrition Studies, which added to my knowledge.


I am convinced that it is much easier to maintain our health than to cure existing problems.


I have been involved in health promotion for twenty years, teaching cooking classes, lectures, nutrition and prevention coaching and camps for twenty years. As a science journalist, I have written articles, series and edited radio programmes for many media.


In cooking classes, the emphasis is on simplicity, health and the gastronomic experience. But beyond all that, I also bring an ecological approach to the kitchen. My cooking classes cover all corners of holistic cuisine, from bread baking to healthy snacking, raw cooking, vegan cooking, gluten-free and hay fever diet workshops.


I started the diabetes prevention programme because while diabetes is a huge burden on individuals, families and society, it can be prevented through lifestyle changes.


At the same time, this lifestyle change has an impact on the whole body and thus improves the metabolism as a whole. It's like a fairy tale - five strikes with one blow.


(I only wrote five for the sake of the fairy tale, as our metabolism is much more than five factors)







Date and time:
17:00–19:30 (Central European Time)
The course is held by:
dr. Judit Benda
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